Class 6


Year 6 Leavers 2018


The class have been exploring Jazz music in their lessons and learned how to play 'Bacharach Anorak' by Ian Gray.

Our Virtual Reality Experience!

The children each had a turn of using the V.R headsets to experience different times, places and even planets! As part of our topic work on the Vikings, we were able to visit typical Viking settlements, row along side Viking warriors on Long ships and even take part in vicious Viking battles.

Vicious Viking Workshop with Erik Eriksson!

Years 5 and 6 shared a day long workshop with Erik the Viking who taught them all about the Viking civilisation and the different aspects of Viking life. With him, he brought items of clothing, animal furs, jewellery, tools and even musical instruments that the children had the pleasure of playing!


The children had lots of fun playing games to practise the names of the different facial features in Spanish!

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